When a needle pointed to me. .

When a needle pointed to me, She sat and asked,
Where were u hiding?
Is it in world of caffeine?

When tune rises the notes reached a high
She asked,
Why are you reaching,
In the pain or
In the high level of mist

When she called to make mind
Time left us like a sharp needle

When she was staring with her brawny eyes
A set of compasses pierced into my heart with the pain of the past

Oh my long way…..
Why don’t u die?
Why don’t u give us a curve?

Can a shrub cover the mountains?
Can tears calm the fiery heart of the sun?
Can the sweat drops make sea?
Can salt oppress the fish?

She came and touched:
Why can’t we fly with the stormy lust of sky and earth?
Why can’t we reach the edge of the history of entangled nerves?
Why can’t we hear the wail of wounded trees?

Oh my windy scarf, why don’t u cover my bleeding brain?
Oh my lazy feet, Why don’t u walk towards a pair of shoes?

Oh my laughing lips of light
My roaring wave of dark
Why don’t u say you are the fingers of death?
Why don’t u say when my only tuned string strummed with dissonance

Oh my shivering lips
Why don’t u keep in it the torrential flow of kisses?
Why do u fill in it the fear of the ocean?
Yes the ocean s heart is breaking with a volcanic eruption
Can the gentle breeze of a fan console a storm after its destruction?
Yes let it, it s time is over, it is late

Oh dear! The needle is coming towards us
Yes on other side of us like night and day
Because the clocks are made by us to segregate