From the tomb of memories ......

I can’t see them,
But spreading bloods every where.
‘Death’ calling me every time..
She has to live with me,
But I can’t see her.

Some one coming to my heart..
But I am lying in the darkness,
Some one sings tunes of life,
But feeling sadness.

I have been a heaven..
Was the daughter of reality?
Till that day I was waiting for her,
But she never turned up or appeared.

Some one said I am dreaming,
‘Yea’ living on the earth
Some one burring me by painful days

I have compunction now,
Have to reveal heart,
How I regret unspoken words

Some one plucking her from me
It was bulimia for love
The stabbing knife in the liver …who…?

I am aware,
She left to nothingness.
Some one gave thought of an old flood

I am living with the memories of a blossom,
Also live blooming acacias, besides a tomb.